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JUST DO IT: Stories about sports

Wednesday, June 22  7:30 - 9:30 (open for dinner at 6:30)

Big Shot Piano Lounge, Arlington Heights

Sports. Whether you love ‘em or you hate ‘em, there’s no escaping them - so this month we get into it: Stories about Fans Gone Wild, soccer as a near-death experience, literary jock straps (not a typo), phallic headgear (again, not a typo), moms who take Little League waaaay too seriously, and living proof that quitters never win and winners never quit. 

In keeping with protocol at storytelling shows, First Person Live requires all ticketholders to show proof of vaccination the night of the show.  Masks are optional.

NOTE! You must order tickets as a group to be seated with friends. 

Don Hall
Diane Kastiel_headshot copy.jpg

Diane Kastiel is the producer and host of First Person Live. A writer and storyteller from Chicago, she’s a three-time winner of the National Public Radio’s Moth StorySLAM; her work has been featured on the Moth Radio Hour, its podcast, and at special events for WBEZ, NPR’s Chicago affiliate. Diane has told stories on stage at The Second City, Steppenwolf, the Park West, Victory Gardens and other theaters as well as comedy clubs, art galleries, the basement of a tattoo parlor - she even did a show in the middle of the woods! Diane works with libraries, schools, community centers and homeless shelters to bring storytelling to a wider audience, and leads storytelling workshops at Northwestern University. Diane is an alumna of The Second City Conservatory and the University of Chicago’s Great Books program. She also has an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management…just in case. 

Nestor Gomez_June 2022.jpeg

Nestor Gomez was born in Guatemala and moved to Chicago in the mid-80s. He told his first story at a Moth StorySLAM as a way to get over stuttering. He won the slam that night and currently holds the record for most Chicago Moth StorySLAM wins. He’s also the producer and host of 80 Minutes Around the World: an Immigration Storytelling Show, which showcases stories of immigrants and their allies. But if you ask him, he will say his greatest achievements are making his mother proud and winning the heart of his wife, Sweet Mel.

Susan Rohde.jpeg

Susan Rohde credits God’s guidance and grace in making a couple of amazing decisions: going back to school and earn a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University at age 35, and marrying a terrific man (celebrating 25 years of marriage) who is patient enough to listen to all her stories...over and over. Their children are all either foster or adopted which, along with their two dogs, makes for an “interesting family life,” for which they are very grateful. Susan is Director of Professional Development for a higher education institution.

Linda Hogan.jpeg

Linda Hogan is lawyer with a storytelling habit who recently discovered Moth StorySLAMs. Although she is late to the party, she is loving every minute of terror on stage and is honored to be featured at First Person Live. Linda’s other interests include trying to get her twins to listen to her, trying to get her Frenchie to listen to her, but never ever trying to get her husband to listen to her. You can find Linda’s avatar on Zwift, a video game where she rides her real-life bike to nowhere. 

Adam Bottner2_Dec2019.jpeg

Adam Bottner is a former litigator and, for the past 14 years, director of business development for a legal technology company. Born in New York, lived in Pittsburgh, and raised in unincorporated Des Plaines (“the Third City”), he is a frequent Moth story teller and multiple Moth StorySLAM winner, featured on the Moth Radio Hour and its podcast. Adam is a graduate of the Second City Training center and has written multiple screenplays, including his most recent, "Searching for Frenchy Fuqua." He lives in Buffalo Grove and is the father of two amazing sons and the former owner of Freddy, an eyelash-crested gecko, whom he misses very much. 

James Petersen_roadkill_Aug 2018 Sorry.jpg

James R. Petersen was the sex editor for Playboy magazine for almost 40 years years. (USA Today once called his column, The Playboy Advisor, “the premier source of sex information in the country.”) As the Playboy Advisor, Jim did stand-up sex therapy on 125 college campuses, wrote about sex when sex was new, and appeared on Late Night with David Letterman. (Note: If you followed his advice, or were injured trying the Chinese Basket Trick, be advised that the statute of limitations has run out.) Jim is a regular at The Moth and other storytelling shows around Chicago.

Dave Metz_edited.jpg

Dave Metz is a professional fundraiser and philanthropy consultant who is passionate about engaging with various and diverse communities byt listening to stories and sharing his own. He has spent many years working with youth and young adults as a teacher, coach and mentor, and believes that the vulnerability expressed through personal stories is one of the most effective ways of connecting with others on a deeper level. Dave holds a degree in History and Religious Studies from the University of North Florida and has attended McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. He lives in the Bridgeport neighborhood with his spouse and their absolutely spoiled Australian Shepherd, Aspen.

JulieAnn Villa_July 2019.jpeg

JulieAnn Villa spent 20 years as a chemistry teacher, telling stories to engage students in the classroom, and now is moving into health care. She is a regular Moth StorySLAMer, sharing her experience and perspective as a cancer patient, teacher, and endurance athlete. She believes that surviving bone and rectal cancer is both the worst thing and the best thing that has ever happened to her. 

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