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Storytelling for adults is HOT in Chicago - with more than 50 shows around the city each month. First Person Live brings this unique form of entertainment, self expression and community building to the suburbs in a show featuring the best of Chicago talent as well as local folks. 
Hosted by 3-time Moth StorySLAM winner Diane Kastiel, First Person Live is real people telling real stories from their lives. No script, no props - just a good story, told from the heart. Each month brings a new theme and a new group of tellers. 
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April 2019 competition_SQUARE.jpg
We love it and we hate it. It builds us up and tears us down. Winning is a drug, losing is a bitch. One thing’s for sure: It's never going away. This month, tellers rip into "competition" -
 and they do it better than anyone.  
Thur, April 4  /  7:30-9:30
Tickets: $15 online
Big Shot Piano Lounge, downtown Arlington Heights

Content is appropriate for age 18+ unless accompanied by an adult.

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