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Each show has a different theme and a fresh group of storytellers. We are always looking for new storytellers and reviewing story submissions. 
In addition, open-mic spots may be available at the start of the show. Contact us if you're interested. Open mic stories can be on any theme but please follow all the guidelines below.
  • Stories should be told “off book,” meaning no notes or props. Don’t stress about memorizing your story – just practice it enough so that you can tell it smoothly.
  • Stories should be 5-7 minutes long (1000 words absolute max).
  • The best test of a story is this: Does it have a clear beginning, middle, and end? If not, it’s probably an essay, speech or stand-up routine, and not a good fit for our show.
  • Stories must be true and about something that happened to you – not your aunt or your friend or your neighbor. Let them tell their own story!
  • Stories can be funny, sad, scary, thought-provoking – we want a variety.
  • This is an 18+ show so no topic is off limits. 
  • The best stories come from the heart – that’s more important than clever wording or polished delivery, and always resonate most with the audience.


Thanks for submitting a story to First Person Live! Please complete all fields. Response time varies based
on volume of submissions, but if your story is looks like a fit for the show, you'll hear back in a few weeks.
Please note that the screen resets itself to a blank form when your story is successfully sent . You'll  see a confirmation at the bottom of the form, or an error message if all fields are not completed.

Your submission was succesfully sent - thank you! If your story is a good fit for the show, you'll hear back in a few weeks.

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