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MIXTAPE: stories we love
Wednesday, June 19  /  7:30-9:30 (doors open at 6:30)

Hey Nonny / Arlington Heights 

Each year, we collect stories we love but that don't fit a specific theme. Mixtape to the rescue! Stories about awkward sex talks, freaky body parts, midlife surprises, moving to American in your 30s (!), moving in with the P’s in your 50s (!!), and flooding your teen’s school - like, literally nobody does that, Dad! 🙄

This show is appropriate for ages 18+ unless accompanied by an adult. All sales are final - no refunds or exhanges.

Diane new headshot.jpeg

Diane Kastiel is the producer and host of First Person Live. A writer and storyteller from Chicago, she’s a three-time winner of the National Public Radio’s Moth StorySLAM; her work has been featured on the Moth Radio Hour, its podcast, and at special events for WBEZ, NPR’s Chicago affiliate. Diane has told stories on stage at The Second City, Steppenwolf, the Park West, Victory Gardens and other theaters as well as comedy clubs, art galleries, the basement of a tattoo parlor - she even did a show in the middle of the woods! Diane works with libraries, schools, community centers and homeless shelters to bring storytelling to a wider audience, and leads storytelling workshops at Northwestern University. Diane is an alumna of The Second City Conservatory and the University of Chicago’s Great Books program. She also has an MBA from Northwestern University…just in case. 

Tim Schreiber_Feb2019

Tim Schreiber has studied English, Journalism, German, Linguistics, Education, and Library Science, and was a professional librarian for 13 years.  Then, for his first mid-life crisis, he got married and had. Although he has been writing and telling stories his whole life, Tim discovered storytelling in front of a live audience in 2018, competing in Moth StorySLAMS and other shows around Chicago. His middle-aged dad hobbies include playing tennis , reading long history books, and creating spreadsheets for his solar panels.

Evelyn Troutman_Nov 2019_edited.jpg

Evelyn Troutman works as a server in Wrigleyville, but thankfully not in one of those big douchey bars. She’s also a comedian, poet and rapper who got her start in Columbus, Ohio. Evelyn is a regular at Moth StorySLAMs and at comedy and variety shows throughout Chicago. Other than reading, writing, and performing, she loves being outside, spending time with friends, drinking chocolate milk, and getting her blood drawn.

Rick hall_June 2024.jpg

Rick Hall grew up on a farm downstate Illinois before moving to Chicago to be an actor. (Yep, farmer to actor, a natural transition.) He met his wife Laur when they both got hired by The Second City. They moved to LA for 30 years where they found work and raised two amazing daughters, and recently moved back to be closer to family. Rick loves telling stories from all the places he has lived and the people he has met along the way. Rick and Laura have a storytelling podcast, “So Sez Rick,” featuring (mostly) true stories.

Steve Miller_July 2018.jpg

Steve Miller has been a high school math teacher for 18 years and a storyteller for five. In the classroom, his favorite topic is algebra and his favorite victims are freshmen. Prior to teaching, Steve was a patent lawyer who specialized in disposable absorbent nonwoven hygiene products (e.g., tampons and diapers). He likes to believe that spending 2-1/2 hours a day driving to work makes him smarter as long as he listens to audiobooks. When not driving, Steve enjoys discussing politics podcasts with his wife and ‘70s music with his stepson. 

Alina Serbin

Alina Serban was born and raised in Romania, where she was a TV journalist for 17 years before moving to Chicago five years ago. Alina has taken storytelling classes at The Second City, performing twice onstage, and curated Together for Ukraine, a storytelling fundraising event. She loves The Moth and, after years of listening to the podcast, recently told a story at a Chicago Moth StorySLAM, finishing in third place and making a dream come true. Alina is chief of staff for Embrace Living Communities, a non-profit organization providing affordable housing to low-income seniors and people with disabilities. Alina lives in the Chicago area with her husband Matt and their son Daniel.

Louie Greenwald_June 2024.jpg

Louie Greenwald retired from podiatry 30 years ago, then returned to school and attained a degree in Counseling Psychology. He has been attending storytelling shows for 40 years and late in life made the leap onto the stage, telling stories at the Moth and other shows, and now is a two-time Moth StorySLAM winner. Fun facts: Louis helped deliver 27 poodle puppies, drove ambulances for two funeral homes, waited tables for the mafia, and tried square dancing - once. 

Steve Glickman.jpg

Steve Glickman has been telling stories at weddings and funerals his whole life to wide critical acclaim, and is a regular at The Moth and other shows around Chicago. By day, he’s a software engineer and a proud nerd. Steve loves classical music and can often be seen air-conducting whatever symphony or opera is playing on his iPod or in his head. He lives in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago with his partner Mark and their imaginary dog Ruffles.

Don Hall
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